The best above the ground swimming pools

The affordable alternative for inground swimming pools are the steel swimming pools – above the ground, easy to build, low maintenance and much less expensive, this is the modern solution. While it can come in prefabricated sections, ready to be installed upon arrival, they can still take any shape and size you may desire.

Of course, the question is may ask is why should you make such a purchase right now, in the cold season? And the answer is within the question: because it is the cold season, we can offer you several types of discounts for your purchases. Then you should also take into account that the swimming pools are always overpriced during the hot season – so, if you want to make an affordable investment, now is the time to do it. With the first day of the hot season, this investment will pay off.

And you don’t even have to wait until then – the steel swimming pools can also be installed inside the house itself. In such cases, you should take into consideration first and foremost the size of the swimming pool. Only afterwards you should consider the shape of the pool and all the other extra features.

Speaking of which, just like a proper inground swimming pool, this type of above the ground swimming pool can also support several extra-features. In this way, your purchase can also include a heating system, which will keep the water at the desired temperature. For the indoor pools, you may consider a dehumidifier system, which will regulate the humidity and temperature in the room, thus decreasing the costs. A water circulation system is always needed, especially if you plan on installing some other systems (such as the ones mentioned above).

Chic and cool, these types of swimming pools are the latest trend – and they are much cheaper than the traditional inground ones, while also being a way better alternative to the inflatable ones.

As their name suggest, the base material used for their construction is stainless steel – which is used for the walls, for the steps, and for the sturdy support buttresses. However, the steel swimming pools also use PVC, for waterproofing and reducing to a minimum the water infiltration, as well as (at the customer’s choice) smooth concrete slabs.

The stainless steel is the best material for any kind of swimming pool, since it is safe and clean and since it is very resilient. In this way, it is resistant to all sorts of weather hazards, such as extreme cold and heat.

For protection and safety, we also recommend installing shutters. In this way, you will save both the energy required for heating the water and you will also keep the water clean and clear (so no leafs or bugs or other types of impurities).

Of course, there are also some other types of extra-features which can be added – and for those we will also offer you discounts. So leave aside the thought of purchasing the expensive inground swimming pools and go for the more affordable, yet still elegant, solution.

Call us now and have our professional teams of technicians tell your all about our special offers for steel swimming pools. Benefit from our discounts and you will see that this was the best investment to be made.