For modern times, modern solutions

The linear shower drain system is the latest that technology has to offer when it comes to drainage solutions for your wet room area. Of course, you might not have even thought about searching for a solution from the first place if you didn’t find yourself in some unwanted situation. This is what has happened to most of our clients – they have considered the drain system of the wet room area as being unimportant.

But when their house was flooded, when they couldn’t relax in a hot and bubbly bathtub because of the smell of the stagnant water, they knew – as little as a detail can get, it will always influence in some way a modern man’s lifestyle. Because, after all, this is what being modern means – not just connected with everybody else, but also connected with everything else.

Well, if you’ve found yourself in any of these unwanted situations, we have the perfect solution for you: the linear shower drain, also called channel drains, are much more effective than the previous models (the traditional point drains and the readymade shower floors, with point drains incorporated). And that is because they use a larger surface in order to collect the water.

In this way, they can handle larger volumes of water than the traditional ones do. Furthermore, because of the same reason, they are much easier to cleanse. Just wipe with a piece of cloth, about every other week, and you will have no problems at all. The special grating will also prevent the clogging of the drain system.

But being modern isn’t just about being effective. It is also about having a modern design. And the linear drains that we can offer have a multitude of special designs. From the material from which they are made off to the designs on the grating, there are a myriad of choices which can be made. Furthermore, if you really want to personalize your new drain system, we have the solutions for you.

The most preferred method of personalization is the LED lighting, which was asked by many of our clients. It isn’t the only method whatsoever – a linear shower drain needn’t be just discreet. It can also improve the general aesthetics of the wet room area.

We will give you one more reason for which you should choose linear shower drains instead of some other types – they are actually very easy to install. Without the help of a professional plumber and just by following the easy instructions, you will take a relaxing shower in no time at all.

An old and faulty drain system isn’t the only reason why you should consider coming to us. Moving into a new house could be another one. Simply raising the quality of living is another one. Just wanting to have the best is another one.

In any way, you should give us a call and our team of professionals will find the best way to guide you towards your goal. Choosing a stainless steel linear shower drain drainage channels system is the best decision that you can make.

Don’t wait for your old drains to become faulty. Change them now.