History of video surveillance cameras

CCTV – Closed Circuit Television: definition and explanations

CCTV means Closed-circuit television or video surveillance, ie the use of video surveillance cameras to transmit a signal to a certain location on a limited number of monitors.

We are talking about the idea of “closed-circuit television”, a notion different from classical television, because the transmitted signal is not a public but private, limited. Who? Some people who have the necessary access data, that is username and password. Where is it used? CCTV is used in video surveillance activities of certain locations, starting with homes (houses or apartments), buildings, office spaces, different commercial or industrial spaces, banking or military units, car parks of small or large size, casinos, Schools, public areas and areas with intense road traffic and so on. This type of video surveillance can also be used for other purposes, such as supervising children, employees, or for preventing and detecting offenses. 4K CCTV installation in London.Closed Circuit Television

History of video surveillance cameras

The history of surveillance cameras is extremely complex and begins long before people know about their existence. It is said that the first real video surveillance camera was due to the British and a certain lord Norbury in London. At his origins, a mere farmer, Norbury seems to be the first amateur photographer in history to put his watch on a surveillance camera.

From what was his camera formed? It was a simple face-down camera that was meant to oversee a hen’s nest. Using a sack, a metal tube and a wire, the room started as soon as possible as he tried to steal Norbury’s chickens. It was all in 1933 !! But the development of the industry has gained momentum in the decades to come. Somewhere around 1965, the first activity reports had already appeared suggesting that the New York metropolitan police were using surveillance cameras to monitor certain public places considered to be at high risk. Four years later, officially, the police are already installing surveillance cameras in the New York City Muncipal Building, near the Town Hall. This practice of New York Police has spread rapidly to other US cities, and the authorities have just as much to gain as people.

Rapidly, metropolitan police in many major cities in the United States raised the level of security on the streets and created new jobs, employing people to oversee these cameras implanted in a CCTV system. But what needs to be emphasized is that the first real video surveillance system with such cameras had been installed according to confirmations 23 years ago! At Peenemunde in Germany, the Siempens AG corporation intended to track the launch of the V-2 rocket so it turned to the skill and imagination of the famous German engineer, Walter Bruch. He accomplished his goal and received praise. In the US, four years later, 16 years before the New York police installed their own camcorders, a first Vericon video surveillance system was launched.

When video recordings appeared on the market, video surveillance really took steps forward. Analog technology used still the old VHS cassettes, which meant that the recordings could not be stored in an advantageous manner. The emergence of dvrs has solved this detail, and surveillance cameras have become mandatory in the context that surveillance systems increased as sales and the rate of crime was obviously decreasing. The 1970s brought a real explosion in this sector, England installing security systems in four major train stations in the country. In the United States in the 1980s, most of the shops and public areas were covered by surveillance cameras, and businesses, gas stations and banks that were prone to robbery became much safer locations. In the 1990s, women became more and more independent and forced to leave their children unattended. There have been other new jobs through the appearance on the market of “bonuses” or baby-sitters. In order to control them, families were calling for hidden surveillance cameras, the so-called “nanny cams,” which gave them the control they needed to watch not only the child left behind but also the caregiver. In 1990, Dycam introduced the first digital camera model and made it known to the public, for 5 years later, the Ricoh RDC-1 is the first video camera capable of making movies. In the years 2000, Nikon’s became the first manufacturer in the world to bring Digital Single Lens Reflex video surveillance cameras to DSLR. Nikon’s D1 camera could operate at 2.74 megapixels and was a real shot in the field.

Beauty Mistakes: 6 Things don’t do about 30

6 Things don’t do about 30There are a few mistakes of beauty that each of us has done at least once in our lives. However, why do you have to stop doing them at 30? Here are some possible answers!

The moments in which you are negligent with your daily beauty routine negatively affect your complexion. Your skin will lose its firmness and shine and will get a tingling look.

Next, find out what are the beauty mistakes you have to stop doing in 30 years:


1. Let the make-up fall asleep

You’ve probably heard that many times – “it’s not good to fall asleep on your face!” If it happens only once in a year, no one can reproach you. But try not to make a habit of it!

At night, the cells in the skin are restored. As long as you sleep around eight hours a night, your skin will be like the next morning.

If you choose to sleep without cleansing your skin, you will not be able to enjoy this effect. Why? Makeup left on your face will block your pores, and the pimples, irritations and rashes will gradually appear.


2. Apply SPF only once a day

Beauty mistakes to keep in mind? First, you need to know that a sunscreen cream lasts only two hours. While you run around for either lunch or a meeting with mid – day friends, your protection factor decreases while UV rays are getting stronger.

That is why it is essential to constantly reapply the SPF cream. If you do not want to ruin your makeup, try an SPF powder that you always have in your bag.

UV rays, stress and pollution affect your skin’s health and accelerate the appearance of premature wrinkles!


3. Do not exfoliate regularly

As you age, dead cells will accumulate much faster over the entire face of the face. That is why it is advisable to exfoliate your skin more often. Choose an easy exfoliation that you can use every night.

Before applying bio cosmetics beauty products, you need to remove these skin cells, especially if you want the moisturizing lotion or serum to work in depth.


4. You go far beyond bedtime

As it says in the previous sliders, at night, the skin cells are regenerating. If you want this process to work in optimal conditions, it is good to rest as much as possible.

During the day, the skin faces pollution, UV rays and stress. But if you rest properly during the night, all these effects will be much less visible!


5. Beauty Mistakes: Use your brushes without cleaning them

The moment you brush your brushes is not even the most enjoyable. Sometimes you may not have the time, patience, or time to spend another quarter of an hour in the bathroom to wash your brushes.

There is, however, a detail that should be taken into account: When you apply your makeup with unsprayed brushes, you bring a large amount of bacteria to the skin.

They can block your pores and promote the appearance of irritations and pimples.


6. You are not careful what you eat

One of the enemies of a beautiful skin that is on the list of beauty mistakes? Eating! If you want a fine, velvety and full of vitality, you might want to avoid certain products.

A few foods you definitely like are not really suitable for the skin. Carbohydrates, sugar or milk can affect the health of the skin.

Sure, you do not have to give up chocolate! But if you eat regular sweets and notice that acne occurs, you’d better set up a diet: choose one day a week to eat sweets and absolutely everything you like!

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